More than 35 years in the ceramics field...

In the beginning, it was Third Firing Decoration, my first step of a long and exciting journey in an industrial field were technology is mixing with tradition and fashion.
From there, year after year, new experiences, new technologies and new countries around the world have become my legacy.
In all these years I have worked within more than 200 tile manufacturing companies, helping them to solve production problems, in the industrialization of new products or new technologies.
I had the opportunity to work in fully automated companies, already in the 90s, or companies where three hundred employees produced 600 m2 of tiles a day, completely manually.
This site is a small window over this my wealth of experiences.
Enjoy it!


What I do?

Free Lance.   
R&D new products and glazes. 
Technical assistance worldwide. 
Experience in floor and wall tiles industrial production, tableware, glass and ceramic third-firing decoration.
Production and cost savings.

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