More than 35 years in the ceramics field...

 My journey in the industrial field began with Third Firing Decoration, a first step that would lead me down a long and exciting path where technology, tradition, and fashion converge.
 Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experiences, working with new technologies, and exploring new countries around the world.
 My work has taken me to over 200 tile manufacturing companies, where I have helped solve production problems, industrialize new products and technologies, and implement innovative solutions.
 I have had the privilege of working in both highly automated factories, where six people can produce 10,000 square meters of tiles per day, and traditional workshops where 300 employees produce 600 square meters per day using manual methods.
 This website is a small window into my rich and diverse experience.

I hope you enjoy it!


What I do?

Free Lance.   
R&D new products and glazes. 
Technical assistance worldwide. 
Experience in floor and wall tiles industrial production, tableware, glass and ceramic third-firing decoration.
Production and cost savings.

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