Below, some of the memories ...

South Africa - My first love...

I spent there almost two years. I worked as service technician, for foreign countries, for a Spanish company and I followed a local ceramic tile company.

Iraq - Before last war

Start up of a ceramic tile factory in Ramadi. I was there with the responsability to follow the glaze preparation and application in the production line, industrialization of the products, formulation of the body and training of the operators.

Iran - A country with an important production of ceramic tiles.

I was following this country for an important Italian company. I worked there following more than thirty local factories, solving production problems, industrializing new tile products, training the personal on the new products and glazes.

Emirates - Too hot for working in summer.

Working at 40°C is not easy, not for me nor for them...

France - Soo beautiful, soo many friends.

I was there for a local ceramic factory, helping them to develop new products for Cersaie.

Vietnam - My second love!

Startup of factories, industrialization of products, training and much more work. At that time the most important market.

Turkey - Another important producer of ceramic tiles.

I was there following many costumers for three Italian glaze producers.

Hungary - One of the many European countries I visited for work.

On my many travels around Europe for work, this country was one of the most enchanting.